Quilt status

First of all, when I wrote my last post, I forgot that this is a long weekend! So I have today AND tomorrow to dedicate to finishing my foster daughter’s quilt.

Also when I wrote my last post, I didn’t realize that I was going to end up in bed with a terrible headache all Thursday night.

Nevertheless, all of the embroidery is done for the four baby blankets, and baby A’s blanket is DONE. It is adorable, if I do say so myself. Pics are on my camera, not on my computer. Sorry.

And the quilt. The quilt which is terrible for many reasons including that I did a terrible job of sandwiching the front and back and batting. So it’s not symmetrical and I’m going to have to do quite a bit of hacking large swaths off the sides trimming. BUT. The quilting is DONE. “All” I need to do now is: 1. Trim loose threads. 2. Trim (cough) the sides. 3. Risk my life in my foster daughter’s room to find the iron. 4. Cut and iron the fabric for the binding. 5. Bind it. I’m going to be incredibly lazy with the binding and machine sew it; no point in the binding being higher quality than the rest of the quilt!


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