So much success

Wow. We should have three day weekends more often. (Not liking that today is a furlough day–I’d rather get paid for the holiday and have another day off instead, but that makes less sense from a “business” perspective–but I’ll take it.)

Yesterday I finished my foster daughter’s quilt:

Neither of those pictures really shows just how terrible the quality of the sewing was. You’ll just have to imagine it.

Then I finished the remaining three baby blankets. Didn’t take pics of the last three, but here’s the first:

I love this fabric. It’s all sophisticated and yet perfectly sweet for a baby girl. Not sure what it is exactly; I bought it at Joanns, if that helps at all.

Then I used some of the leftover minky and the batting that I’d hacked trimmed away from the quilt and made a travel neck pillow. No picture. It looks like a standard travel pillow, except that the sizing was completely off so I took some of the batting out and made it so that it can cross in front. Much more comfortable that way.

Then I cut out fabric to make a skirt. I haven’t actually done any of the sewing on it yet. Maybe tonight.

Then this morning. Oh, this morning. My rescued-from-the-trash bag refashion.


Not the 100% before picture. This is after I doused it with acetone nail polish remover to clean it. (All the tutorials for using vinyl spray paint said “clean with acetone” and, well, the only way I know to get acetone is in nail polish remover.)

Then I gave it many, many coats of beige paint. Special automotive spray paint for car interiors. I used the. entire. can. It got a little drippy in places because I was impatient, but I shouldn’t have been, because that stuff dries FAST.

I did this on the grass behind my apartment building. (Uh, thanks, National Park Service.) Oddly, I was not the only person outside with spray paint this morning!

The plan all along had been to embellish the bag in some way, and for that purpose I had another color of spray paint.

Well, I have this new Silhouette, so I decided to make a monogram. But it turned out that I don’t have vinyl. Apparently it didn’t come with a starter roll.

A quick trip to the bix bog* craft store with vinyl in hand, I was ready to go.

Many, many more coats of spray paint, peel off the vinyl, and voila:

I think I’ve finished all the craft projects that needed to be done by my vacation, with WEEKS to spare.

When is my next day off?

* I can’t type “big box” so box bog it is. Consider it my trademark.

** My sister’s bag! Finished a while ago, but here are pics:


One Comment on “So much success”

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    WOW! Every project is great. Regardless of what you say about yourself, you are a very talented young woman. I may try the purse. That was super.

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