Skirt arghhh

I sort of finished the knit version of the skirt fail from a few weeks ago. Only instead of it being too tight around the hips (and let’s be honest, the butt), it was huge. Plus the zipper was wonky.

So I decided that since it’s a knit fabric, it doesn’t need the zipper, and I just sewed another seam up the side, about 3 inches in. I probably should have sewed it about 4, or even 5 inches in, as it went on nicely over my jeans and still was rather loose.

I’m thinking that next time, I should use a pattern. Or a tutorial, at the least. Or maybe start by measuring.

(When I get over this frustration, I will take it in even more, and the bottom still needs to be hemmed. When all is said and done, it might even end up wearable. MAYBE. In which case, there is the possibility of pictures. But don’t hold your breath.)



2 Comments on “Skirt arghhh”

  1. Sophanne says:

    It may be arghh but you have one admirer (me) in that you just go for it sans pattern. Go You!

    • rebkatz says:

      Thanks! I’m hoping that when I get home from vacation I’ll be able to do the last bits to make it wearable. The fabric at least is super cute!

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