Blog oops!

I didn’t realize that I had things set up so that I would need to moderate comments. Of course I discovered this when I started to not have consistent email access. I’m enjoying an Italian soda* at the first GREEN Starbucks (in contrast with the first ever Starbucks, three blocks away) and have just approved comments from the last week. Next step is to turn off the moderation requirement.

Tomorrow is a big day with lunch with a friend from summer camp and sushi and drinks with a friend-who-lives-in-my-computer, but there is also a trip to the public library in the works, and hopefully I’ll get a chance then to catch up more with internet stuff. My Google reader says I have “1000+ items.” You know it’s bad when Google stops counting.

*The Starbucks at home don’t have (well, don’t sell) Italian sodas. When I’ve had them before, they have been just syrup and sparkling water. This one? Also whole milk and topped with whipped cream. Heaven.


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