Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@rebknitz) already know that I had a bit of a field day today. Somehow my simple trip to Churchmouse Yarns and Teas turned into a shopping extravaganza. And of course, there was shopping while I was in Alaska, too.

Before I show you my loot, I have to ask a favor of you: if you ever think I might be contemplating buying jewelry, could youisplease remind me that I have NO NEED for any more necklaces featuring trees? Thanks.

Let’s start with the jewelry loot. My shore excursion in Skagway wasn’t terribly thrilling (though we did see two black bears! in both cases we were going by too fast to get the camera out) but the shopping was fabulous. Skagway is very much a tourist town. The buildings along the main street are all the original Gold Rush-era buildings, re-done to house your typical cruise port shopping (Diamonds International and Del Sol, anyone? And why is there Del Sol in Alaska, anyway?), but nestled among the typical souvenir shlock (oh yes, Skagway also has a Sarah Palin store) were stores featuring work of Alaskan artists and artisans. I bought one piece of artwork as a gift and another for my own wall; those are packed securely in my suitcase so no pics today. And I bought two necklaces (one with matching earrings) featuring trees.

The first is made from a pressed pre-1965 dime, meaning that it is a large percentage silver. I was most attracted to this motif, a dove with an olive branch, though the artist has many other designs. (Note: it turns out the artist is based in New Hampshire. It’s still not mass-produced jewelry.)

The second bears the official “Made in Alaska” sticker, so I’m good on claiming that it’s an Alaskan artist:

Again with the trees, this time with the uber-trendy bird-on-branch.

And then today in Bainbridge, I found this at a clothing store. I almost asked if they would give a volume discount for not being able to decide which I wanted (not just design, but color as well), but finally just picked one.

Front (which is actually purple, but I had to make do with the terrible lighting in my friend’s apartment):

And the back, which shows the design better:

So yeah, remind me I have enough tree pendants.

Of course, you didn’t come here to see my jewelry. You came to see my knitting and sewing purchases. We have yarn, we have fabric, we have books and patterns, and we have my first-ever Lantern Moon ebony needles.

In Ketchikan, Alaska, I went to Beside the Point, where I bought Raven Frog Fibers “Iknitarod” in Bear Feet. Terrible picture due to bad lighting in my friend’s apartment:

At Churchmouse I didn’t get anything local, but I did get a fair amount! Three skeins of Berroco Seduce (two in green absinthe, one in cream earth stone?) which were on sale:

Two skeins of ggh Safari, one in a dark purple (color 26) and one in a dark greenish color (color 31):

And two skeins each in two colors of Jamieson’s Double Knitting (Port Wine and Eesit) with a pattern for a Fair Isle beanie; it should be enough to make two of the hats with the colors reversed. I suppose this will be my first stranded colorwork project!

And I bought a bunch of sale patterns. A cowl neck sweater from Karabella yarns, felted bags from Two Old Bags, a pattern book from Takhi Stacy Charles, and a pattern book from Berroco.

Then I went across the street to Esther’s Fabrics where my credit card continued to get a workout. Some random cotton that I bought without a designated purpose, one because it was in the remnants bin and the other because it might coordinate and if it doesn’t, I can always find a use for a good black and white cotton. The butterflies are Moda and the flowers are not. (I know, not helpful. But I thought that the two were from the same line until I looked at the selvedges while photographing. And now the fabric is in one room and I’m in another.)

I got two sets of fabric for baby blankets, a flannel and a cotton for each. I didn’t look at the selvedges for any of them while taking the pictures, but the solid is Kona coral. The books and the birds happened to match nearly perfectly, which was beautiful as I then didn’t need to find other coordinating fabrics for each after I had fallen in love with them.

(Sorry about the rotation; wordpress wouldn’t save the edit that I attempted to rotate it properly.) And I bought two books: simple sewing and sew what! Skirts.

I will have no shortage of projects to work on when I get home; too bad my time will be taken up with work! (Not complaining about having a job. Complaining that the job takes up time I could be using for sewing and knitting.)


2 Comments on “Loot!”

  1. Lovely souvenirs! I like all your tree pendants. They’re not the same. You have branches, leaves, birds…

    Congrats on the new ebony needles! I think you’ll like them. I just bought another Lantern Moon ebony circular today. Love them!

    • rebkatz says:

      Thanks! I’m thinking that I’ll likely end up using the new needles with the Alaskan yarn. I had to choose a size out of the blue, so I chose 5s, which are working well with Lorajean’s drambuie (how lame am I thinking this is funny?) yarn, so for another sock weight shawl… maybe??

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