Quick follow up

It turns out that when posting from one’s phone, one can not only not link (maybe one can, but I don’t know how to), but there is also a high probability of misspelling one’s savior’s/friend’s/idol’s name. Sorry Michele!

(And while I’m following up from yesterday, let me link to Lorajean and also tell you that you need to be friends with her. I may need to move to Portland just to be friends in person with her and Michele.)


2 Comments on “Quick follow up”

  1. Portland is a very knitterly place! There are at least 17 yarn shops in the metro area. What are you waiting for?

    • rebkatz says:

      Ummmm… :-)

      (Truth be told, I’m quite ready to escape the heat of the mid-atlantic and come back to the PNW! But, you know, there’s the job and the family…)

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