Testing, and OH NO!

This’ll be short, I promise. No skillion pics like the post of my loot.

I’m trying the post-by-email feature because I am lying in bed with only my phone. And typing is a pain in the fanny, so…short.

Also no links, sorry.

I had high hopes that when I got off the plane this evening (btw, if you planned to break into my apartment while I was on vacation, you missed your chance), my multnomah would be done but for blocking.

It isn’t. If I hadn’t gotten home so close to midnight, I would have taken pictures of the excruciatingly frustrating situation I find myself in: about 12 inches of yarn left, and 46 stitches left on the needles. OH NO!

Thanks to Michelle (PDXknitterari, I’d link if I were at my computer), I will be getting just a few grams of her leftover yarn from Lorajean’s (Knitted Wit) CSY. Thanks, Michelle!

And one quick note for those following along-Shari’s bind off suggestion works perfectly. (It just takes a bit more yarn. Uh, oops.)


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