We've Been Here Before: Organization and Start-itis

I’ve just spent some number of hours rearranging furniture among three rooms of my apartment. (Along with some number of hours dejectedly slumped on the sofa eating ice cream–and salad, though not at the same time–and watching West Wing while wondering what exactly I got myself into.)

My foster daughter moved to a new foster home* the day before I went on vacation, and I’d decided that I am taking a break, letting my license lapse, and then see what happens when I buy a house, whenever that shall be. This meant that I have an entire bedroom to do with what I want to. And since my bedroom was so cluttered with sleeping stuff, clothes, AND all my crafting things that I couldn’t clean the floor, it made sense to move my craft things to the second bedroom. (I also then moved the desk in my “office” into the new craft room. It makes more sense to me to have an office/craft room than an office/pantry, and now my printers are in the same room as my paper and my Silhouette.)

My bedroom is now a bigger disaster area than it was before, because the shelves that I bought to organize my craft things ended up being about half filled (or more) with non-craft things. Which are now on my bed or in boxes on the floor.

And my “office” is a bigger disaster area than it was before, because the desk was completely unusable except as a dumping ground for papers and other stuff, which is now on the floor.

But what happens when I try to organize/clean? I get a massive case of start-itis. Because how better to clean than to use everything up? Add that to all of my loot from my vacation and my new Knitted Wit community-supported yarn and I’m a bit overwhelmed.

HOWEVER. I have a favor to ask. (I know, you’re probably not reading anymore after that wordy ramble.) I discovered a way to organize my fabrics. Not sure if it’s my own idea or if I read about it somewhere and it stuck in the back of my mind. It involves cardboard. Lots and lots of cardboard. More cardboard than I have. Do you have spare cardboard you can share? I will make you a gift in return :-)


*Ideally, she would not have had this extra move. It’s a long story and I feel guilty about it, though except in the last instance, none of it was “my fault.”



One Comment on “We've Been Here Before: Organization and Start-itis”

  1. Shari says:

    Is it the idea of making “books” out of the folded fabric so they’ll stack/stand nicely? Cardboard and fabric don’t mix well together, all sorts of acidity issues. Maybe putting a layer of acid-free tissue around the cardboard would be enough, I don’t know. Also, Joanns will give you their empty bolts if you ask, but that’s better for longer lengths.

    I have a ton of cardboard boxes here, but the shipping would be absurd :)

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