Craft room details

Remaining in the bedroom: one three drawer dresser from IKEA. Top drawer had dividers in it from when it was used for a four year old’s underwear, socks, and t-shirts. Re-purposed the bottom two drawers hold paper (printer, scrapbook, and various specialty papers) and the top drawer holds scissors, paper punches, and Silhouette accessories. On top of the dresser is my mini ironing board.

Also remaining in the bedroom: a three-shelf bookcase. Now holding knitting and sewing books as well as storage boxes that don’t fit on cube shelves below.

Moved to the craft room from my bedroom: one five-foot desk from IKEA which holds the sewing machine and Silhouette (also both moved from my bedroom). Two nine-cube sets of shelves and six baskets made to fit them. Three shoe storage things that hold yarn (there are three more but I haven’t decided where in the room they should go). And a bunch of my craft stuff; not all of it by far.

Moved to the craft room from my “office”: one four-foot desk from IKEA which fits perpindicular to the five-foot desk. I have two printers (one which is good for smaller-than-regular-paper and the other which is better for regular sized paper) that are now on that desk (they had been on a rolling cart, which was pretty inconvenient for using the one that was on a lower shelf) which means that I can use my laptop in the craft room, print things out on whatever type of paper I want, and then cut them using the Silhouette or design a frame or whatever next step…without going from room to room to room.

Aesthetically the room isn’t what I want long-term (it is, for example, VERY PINK) but I’m glad to have a temporary designated craft room/office so I can see what works and what doesn’t.  Long-term I plan to make a table-top ironing pad as well as a cutting table (a more complicated project, as my vision for this includes shelves and casters and such).


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