Woe is me!

My needle broke. The one on which I was rapidly increasing from 800 to 1600 stitches in a single row (because I’m crazy). It was an interchangeable and the screw broke off the cable and in the needle tip.

My needle is being replaced (thanks for the excellent customer service, KnitPicks!) and that particular cable has gotten some pretty heavy-duty use, so no one should think that this is a complaint about the quality of the needles. I really love my KnitPicks interchangeables.


I was making pretty good progress on the scarf I was knitting! (If you recall the cowl I was knitting? Frogged it. It was WAAYYYYY boring. It did not bring out any of the lovely squooshy goodness of the yarn.) And dropping a good third of a row of “*purl, yo, repeat from *” is NOT fun to pick up. I’m sure I missed stitches, despite my best efforts to remain calm and not panic as I got a ball of waste yarn to thread the stitches onto. If I have to tink back (keep in mind the last row was EIGHT HUNDRED STITCHES) I might go a little bit crazy. Just a bit.

And while KnitPicks is replacing my needles, I still have to wait for them to arrive. Perfectly reasonable. And yet puts a big crimp in my plans to finish the scarf this week!

Ah, woe is me. Such a tragedy.


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