Mousepad tutorial

Y’all, don’t go around googling something stupid like “how to make a mousepad.” You’ll get a whole bunch of not useful websites telling you how to print a picture and iron it onto a store-bought mousepad, and a separate bunch of sites telling you how to upload your picture to order a mousepad with it on it.

I wanted to know if I could use my craft foam as the base for a mousepad.

I wised up and searched for “mousepad tutorial” but only looked at one (involving heavy duty fusible fleece, which doesn’t work with my buy-nothing-but-perishable-food-items spending plan) before I gave up and figured I might as well try it.

Here’s what I did:

1. I had a piece of craft foam approximately the size I wanted already. If you don’t, you’ll want to cut a piece to be the right size.

2. I found a piece of fabric that was the right size.

3. I sprayed the heck out of the top of the foam with spray adhesive. I’m not a spray adhesive expert, so I don’t know if I could or should have been more sparing with it.

4. I smoothed the fabric onto the foam and let it sit to dry.

5. I trimmed the edges of the fabric so they lined up with the foam.

6. I took it to work hoping that a new mousepad would make the difference with my terribly functioning mouse that I desperately need for efficiency.

And finally,

7. Spent a day with my mouse gliding effortlessly across my new mousepad. Wonderful.


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