Today we’re talking about self-improvement, but we’re not going to talk about when this post was actually written (as opposed to when it’s published). Just a hint for all of you way-too-astute readers: if a post is published at exactly xx o’clock, that means I wrote it sometime in advance. If it’s published at whatever random time it happens to be published, that means that I hit publish as soon as I finished rambling.

This week there are a few areas in which I am self improving. (Making up phrases is NOT one of them.)

1. Focus. My new mouse pad is helping amazingly with the focus at work. It’s ridiculous how distracting my old, hateful mouse pad was. And outside of work I am practicing focus (also known as monogamy) in my crafting life. Instead of starting a new project yesterday I took out a work in progress and plowed through it. I am determined not to run out of yarn before the bind off* and I got far enough in the knitting yesterday that I went back to the pattern to see how it ends. Now is when I really need to figure out how much yarn I actually have, though, as undoing if I go to far is going to be next to impossible. Tonight I am going to work on Rosh Hashanah cards and only Rosh Hashanah cards. (Um, and maybe wash dishes.) I am finding that I get a lot more done when I tell myself in advance that I’m only going to work on one project.

2. Self-improvement. That’s right, I’m going to self improve my self-improvement. I’m meeting with a new therapist this week and I am going to rock therapy this time around. It’s that easy, right? ;-)

*Yet again I am being rescued by amazing knitters from Portland. I’m beginning to think that one-skein projects are risky for me.


One Comment on “Self-improvement”

  1. Oh, so *that’s* why you wish you had a yarn scale!

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