Shawl update

I know, I know. You want pictures.

I still haven’t located my camera, however. (This does not preclude the possibility that it is on the floor in the foyer of my apartment with my swim suit where I ungracefully tossed things out of my suitcase when I came home from vacation OVER A MONTH AGO.*)

But who wants a picture of a dark brown (mostly) shawl taken in a horribly lit apartment at 9 pm?

So let me just tell you how the knitting is going and some lessons I’ve learned going into the next shawl (and at the end, ask for some brainstorming help).

First: just because I used size 5 needles on another fingering weight (I think) shawl doesn’t mean that I maybe shouldn’t have gone for something a bit bigger. The fabric (all stockinette with accents of color in garter) is fairly dense and could probably be looser. Not a biggie.

Second: I shouldn’t have second-guessed the initial cast-on. I cast on 100 stitches, knit some rows, decided it was too wide, frogged, and cast on 50 stitches. Which I now, after lots and lots of rows, think is too narrow. Remember, the end shape is supposed to be a trapezoid. The narrower the inital cast on, the closer to a triangle the end result will be.

Third: I jumped straight into the stockinette. Definitely should have knit a garter ridge (or two) at the top; it’s very roll-y.

And now for brainstorming help (this is where a picture would really help y’all, sorry): I’m not to the point of finishing yet, but I want to be prepared when I am. The question is–what type of edging should I do?

Remember the general theory of the shawl–I started with a block of dark brown stockinette, then added the contrast color in stripes: one garter ridge of color, two stockinette rows of brown, one garter ridge of color, rinse and repeat. There are seven stripes of color, then six rows of brown, and now I’m in the middle of another seven stripes of color. I’ll do another six rows of brown, and then will use the contrast color for the edge.

Option 1: A few garter ridges of the contrast/stripe color, plain, simple, done.

Option 2: Chevron stitch for a chunk of rows.

Option 3: A more interesting stitch pattern. Something geometric. I browsed through my stitch dictionary last night and nothing jumped out at me.

So: option 1, 2, or 3? And if 3, do you have any suggestions?


*Oh, no wonder I’m in need of another pedicure, if it’s been 5 weeks. I think that’s acceptable.


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