Weekend plans

Do you find that it is easier to remember to do things when you ask someone to remind you to do them?

I do it all the time. I ask my friends on twitter (I have multiple twitter accounts, and the friends I ask are not my crafting friends but a different set, so don’t be surprised that you haven’t seen these requests) to remind me to do things like go to the office supply store, and then I remember without them even needing to remind me. (The great thing is that these friends really do remind me! Crazy memories, these folks.)

So y’all have to remind me, in order that I remember myself, to go to the bix bog hardware store this weekend to buy tiles.

See, I doing this swap in a group on Ravelry, and one of the requirements is to send something handmade. It doesn’t have to be knit or crocheted, because there’s only a three week turn-around, and I have an idea using tiles and some scrapbook paper I have… Hmmm…

Also a friend just got married and while I don’t “owe” her a wedding present, I do still owe her something handmade from January’s “Pay it Forward” craft meme on Facebook. For her, I’d like to make these coasters. (H/T to Pinterest for the link to these.

The trick once I get to the store? Remembering to focus on these two projects only. Wish me luck.



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