I haven’t been here in a while, but I’ve been knitting away.

I’m working on a hat with a soft, lovely yarn from KnittedWit. I’m at the point where I need to start following the directions again, and also figure out short rows at the same time, so I set it aside for just a moment in favor of mindless knitting in front of the TV. Which at the moment is actually my laptop and Netflix instant streaming. Which means that I can’t watch and read the pattern at the same time because I haven’t printed the pattern and it is just on my computer.

Yes. Must get on that.

And I’m still plugging away on my sleeved wrap. Lots and lots of seed stitch. Now that I’m working on the first sleeve (only a few inches to go!) it’s seed stitch and magic loop. Just a smidge fiddly, but nothing to complain about.

Story about the wrap. I visited my grandma last Sunday and took my knitting with me. Grandma has been having some short-term memory issues, so during the course of my visit (an hour or so) she asked me some questions multiple times. “How are your parents?” “Oh, did they take a camera on their vacation?” AND… “how much more do you have to go on that?”

I was in the middle of the part of the directions that said “continue in pattern for 33 inches.” So as you can imagine, this took a while. I measured the first time she asked and had something like 18 inches to go. She asked three more times. Each time I said “oh, about 18 inches.”

I left the visit, went to my parents’ house (to do laundry; I may be 34 years old but I take free laundry where I can get it), and measured. I was down to only about 12 inches left.

So it turned out that my grandma was asking a legitimate question each time she repeated herself, after all.

(Other issue with the wrap. It’s wool. Lovely to work with. Will be great to wear. GREAT. If it doesn’t look terrible. And was fine when I had the air conditioning on all summer. It’s no longer I’ll-die-if-I-don’t-turn-on-the-AC-as-soon-as-I-walk-in-the-apartment weather. And now I have 60 inches of wooly goodness lying on my lap while I knit the sleeves and sweat because the air conditioning isn’t on. Oops.)


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