Mmmm, tweed

Every since I learned about good yarn, I’ve been drawn to tweed like a moth to a lightbulb. Quite some time ago (Super Bowl Sunday, I think?) I bought a sweater’s worth of Berocco Remix. Finally finally I got to cast on the other night.

An aside: My apartment, still a disaster area, is rather tidier as I needed to ransack the mess to find needles of the appropriate size. I swatched first on my favorite-est needles, beautiful glass needles in the size called for in the pattern (6) and got 18 st/4 in. The correct gauge is 20 st/4 in. [Note: I am well aware that an appropriate gauge swatch should be washed and blocked. I did neither of those.] My brain got all confused and I couldn’t figure out if that meant I needed to go UP a needle size or DOWN a needle size, and I don’t have glass needles in any other size. Not that I realized the latter would be a problem. I scrounged around and found some nickel-plated 7s. Got the exact same gauge. Searched high and low for nickel-plated 6s. Found: missing Addi 5s, some cheap plastic 11s, 1s (which I wish I remembered having as I just bought new thinking I needed them), nickel-plated 5s, nickel-plated 4s. No 6s. Also found: a second sofa cushion under the mess. There was some more swatching with different size needles and some more getting 18 st/4 in and finally I got 19 st/4 in and said screw it.

I’m about an inch and a half? two inches? into the ribbing–this sweater has a 3 inch wide ribbing as a design feature–and I’m loving it. The yarn isn’t wool, and I think I’d probably enjoy a soft tweedy wool a little more, but it is not at all bad to work with. So far it doesn’t seem to have great stitch definition; I don’t know if that’s this yarn in particular or any tweed, but this pattern is all stockinette and wide chunks of 2×2 ribbing, so stitch definition can fall by the wayside.

I have other projects that I’m working on (socks, a lace scarf, and I need to do some finishing on a hat, not to mention the long-standing WIPs) but I’m eager to get back to my tweedy yumminess. I have a friend visiting this weekend. Think she’ll mind if I sit and knit the whole time?


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