Mom, do you read this?

Oh how I hope she doesn’t.

I bought my mom a share in Lorajean’s CSY (community supported yarn) this summer, as I did for myself. Our last shipment came last week, a beautiful (and bright) green merino-cashmere-nylon sock yarn. First let me say that I love me some MCN. Love love love. So even though bright green isn’t really my color I am super excited to be making socks with it for ME ME ME.

My mom called me the other night. She asked me if I wanted the yarn because she couldn’t think of anything she wanted to make out of it. Foolish me didn’t think about the fact that my mother has taken to knitting socks and blurted out “I can always use another skein of sock yarn.”

Mom didn’t realize it was fingering weight. Mom, who has taken to knitting socks. Mom, who is not stupid but apparently doesn’t know how to use the yardage on a skein of yarn to figure out what weight it is.

No second skein of beautiful green MCN for me. Pout.


2 Comments on “Mom, do you read this?”

  1. Silly you!
    Mine won’t be socks…I have plans.

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