Tweeted last night

[I think I’m nocturnal, like a cat. I can sleep very well during the day, even with bright sun outside my window. And I lie awake at night, despite utter exhaustion.]

I tweeted last night: “Can’t sleep so counting Lantern Moon tape measures.”

You see, I can’t count real sheep anymore. I visualize them in my head and each sheep does this little dance after it jumps the fence, and, well, there goes the calm I’m supposed to be bringing on by the slow counting.

You may be interested to know that while the LM sheepies don’t do a dance, they do jump very high.

I need to find something else to count.


One Comment on “Tweeted last night”

  1. On your link, there’s a picture of the herd…maybe you should count them in groups, not jumping…

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