I don’t think I’ve mentioned in this space how desperate I have been for an excuse–any excuse–to knit a blanket.

I can’t knit a bed-sized blanket because of a whole complicated situation involving no one designing fabric that contains both purple and brown. Long story, but it means I don’t have a color scheme, and of course I don’t want to knit a bed-sized blanket for myself and have it be the wrong color.

I could definitely use a curl-up-on-the-sofa blanket, but do I need it more than the sweater I’m knitting already and the next two sweaters that I have the yarn for?

But. Desperate.

I met my friends’ 8 week old on Saturday (where by “friends” I mean “acquaintances who I didn’t realize actually know who I am”) and thought “blanket!” Then I remembered that they live in the Congo and there’s not so much need for wool there.

I almost had it. The perfect excuse to DROP EVERYTHING AND KNIT A BLANKET NOW. A friend of mine got “THE CALL.” The one from the child protective services agency where she lives with a baby who had to be placed in foster care. Such a tragedy for the baby, for the mom, for any other family. No one should have to go through that. But. BABY! In the time it took her to convince her husband (and for me to decide to DROP EVERYTHING AND KNIT A BLANKET NOW) the agency found a different foster home for the baby.

Sad face. My friend doesn’t get a squishy baby to cuddle and love and raise (for a short time) and all the wonderful things that parents do for babies, and I don’t get my excuse to DROP EVERYTHING AND KNIT A BLANKET NOW.

All is not lost.

I must be circumspect, as I don’t know if a specific friend of mine reads here, but she did recently have an addition to her family that I hadn’t immediately jumped upon as blanket-knitting-appropriate. I should have.

And so the blanket-knitting commences.


2 Comments on “Blankets!”

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