Blankets! update

Three day weekends are great for knitting.

For the blankets I told you about last week, I bought four (!) skeins each of Jojoland Tonic. So just shy of 900 yards. Yarn was purchased Wednesday night, Saturday was Yom Kippur (and Shabbat, so no knitting in either event), but the three day weekend means that I’m two and a half skeins in to the first blanket.


To begin, I’m knitting on 9s, despite the yarn being DK weight. I’m all about getting extra size out of my blankets. Nevertheless, blanket number 2 will be knit at a tighter gauge.

As far as pattern goes, I’m winging it. I started with a contrast color at a corner and am simply knitting a large mitered square. So there’s a small square in the corner, then I switched to the main color and am knitting away. When I finish the third skein of the main color, I’ll switch to a different contrast color* and keep going. It’s all stockinette but with a garter stitch edge.

I hadn’t wanted to use yarn with such a high acrylic content, but the superwash wools that I fell in love with at my LYS were out of my price range for this project. The owner suggested that I try Tonic, and I loved the color selection. And the price. Unfortunately, I am now worried about blockability. I’m nervous that the blanket is going to be less square than I intend it to be.

Also, I hate to say it, but I don’t recommend this yarn. This is nothing against Jojoland–I’ve used Melody and it was great–but each skein I’ve used has had at least one knot, and the plies have split multiple times. As in, I’ll be knitting and notice that one of the plies is bunching up on the other. Or is broken and the yarn is coming untwisted.

On the other hand, it’s a great price and feels nice to knit with. So if you can put up with extra ends to weave in, it isn’t a bad choice.

Lots more Jewish holiday coming up, which is going to put a serious dent in the blanket-knitting time, but hopefully I’ll have pics to show you before too long.


*For one blanket I am using burgundy as the main color with white as the contrast color, and the other is a green with brown as the contrast color. So the tiny corner square of the burgundy is the brown, and of the green will be the white, so that the two blankets will obviously go together but won’t be the same.


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