Around these parts, ethics — or the lack thereof — are a big deal.

As they should be. Our local government has too many people who have made wrong choices. Really wrong. R-O-N-G-wrong. So our councilmembers have proposed legislation to make things better.

You see, our Council doesn’t know how to solve problems other than by creating new laws. (A rant for another day.)

Eight ethics bills. One consolidated hearing. Councilmember Tommy Wells (or his staff) put together a handy side-by-side of all eight bills.

This is serious business. But I am not a serious person. So I point out only this one thing:

Bill 19-297. Comprehensive Ethics Reform Act of 2011. Addresses almost none of the issues addressed by most of the other bills.

Makes you wonder what they think “comprehensive” means, doesn’t it?


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