Staff meeting knitting

My boss scheduled a staff meeting for this afternoon and warned us it was going to be a long one. I was NOT in the mood (is anyone ever really in the mood for a staff meeting?) so I asked if he minded if I knit during the meeting. I promised to pay attention and only sort of begged.

Lesson: if you are going to knit during a staff meeting, particularly if you’ve begged to be allowed to, make sure that you have enough left of whatever you’re working on (in this case, leg of a sock) that you don’t have to stop knitting 10 minutes in because you need to start knitting the heel flap and you don’t know the pattern.



4 Comments on “Staff meeting knitting”

  1. Oh, I hate when that happens! It’s always that crucial time period (long vehicle rides, etc) when I realize that I haven’t memorized my pattern quite as well as I thought. It makes the rest of the time more aggravating than if you hadn’t knit at all, doesn’t it?

  2. One of the only things I miss about my last job was the acceptance that if there was a meeting, I was knitting. Other staffers would gage the overall stress level by the complexity of my project. If the lace came out, it was bad. :-) lol.

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