Native Washingtonian

If you’ve watched enough DC Council, you know that “Native Washingtonian” is worn as a badge of honor by people who, at least as it seems from watching Council testimony, believe it means their opinion is 1. infallible, and 2. worth more than everyone else’s combined.

Do not misunderstand me; I am not complaining about Native Washingtonians. (I know it sounds like it. Just a little.)

Despite the negative attitude in that first paragraph, I do think that there is something meaningful about a family history that dates back generations in a single house or a single neighborhood.

Which is why what really bugs me is this: an acquaintance of mine touts on his blog that he is a “Native Washingtonian.” Is he? He grew up in Montgomery County. Went to school in the southwest. (Arizona, not SW DC.) And now he is back living in Montgomery County. No, my friend, you are most assuredly NOT a Native Washingtonian.


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