Just a quick pop-in in case you, like my mother when I haven’t posted on facebook in a day or two, were worried about my well-being.

I finished the second blanket the other day. I’ve decided that being kite-shaped is a design feature and I’m not going to worry about their lack of squareness.

Having finished the blankets, I am now free to go back to work on my sweater. I figured out how to knit both at the same time using magic loop thanks to a tutorial on youtube (that merely confirmed that the solution I had come up with was, in fact, correct) (google “two at a time cuff down”). So while I’m knitting a single sock on a 40″ needle, I’m knitting two sleeves on a 32″. Or maybe a 26″. It’s a little…tight. But it’s working.

Now if I can just stop myself from playing minesweeper for long enough to pick up the needles, I’ll be on my way.


One Comment on “Sleeves!”

  1. Oh, minesweeper. How can something so simple eat up so much time?

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