Metro Irk #1

Commuters annoy me.

Okay, many things annoy me. But rush hour metro riders are among the more irksome.

I try to be patient, especially during rush hour. I understand that other people are in more of a hurry than I am and that there is no reason to add to the crazy. (I’m sure I do, unintentionally, and I most likely am guilty of some of the items I will enumerate. But I try not to.)

Irk #1. (Ranked not by severity but by the fact that this one happened the day I wrote this.)

The (relatively crowded) train pulls out of a station (say, Dupont Circle). Commuter who has until that point been sitting now stands, making the standers in the aisle move out of his way, and nudges his way to the door. While the train is not only still moving, but not anywhere near the next station yet. My comment: You will have plenty of time to get to the door after the train stops.


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