Does this mean I'm an adult?

[Hello, search engine optimization, I ignore you.]

After reading much praise for Downton Abbey, I finally gave in and started watching it. You see, I’m biased against anything “grown up,” as defined by things my parents made me listen to or watch when I’d rather be listening to top40 or watching Growing Pains. That is, NPR and PBS.

But after just one episode of Downton Abbey, I was a convert. Such an enjoyable show! And the best part, at least for my sleeve-knitting-self, is that it is highly conducive to said knitting of sleeves. I was only about 20 rows into the increases when I started watching; I’m now on row 60. Remember that I’m knitting both sleeves at the same time, using magic loop on a circular needle that is significantly too small. So the fiddliness has slowed me down quite a bit.

How many episodes are there?


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