Legal tidbit

My predecessor in my job held the position for something like 30+ years. His brain held a LOT of information that was essentially lost until 1. I put as much as possible in a spreadsheet, and 2. we got almost 10,000 documents scanned, OCRed, and uploaded in a searchable database. I’m sure there’s a lot more information still in his brain that we haven’t recovered.

But you might guess from the fact that he held the job for over 30 years that he was a little older, and maybe a little less comfortable with technology than those of us in the blogging era. And you would be correct, or at least, this is what I assume, from the reams of emails he printed. I’m skimming through them today in an effort to clean up my office somewhat.

[Yes, long intro. Have you noticed that about me yet?]

An email I came across answered a question that I’ve pondered, though not seriously enough to seek an answer: when does a position require an appointment Mayor’s Order? The question arises when there have been Mayor’s Orders appointing people to a specific position sometimes, but not always.

The answer is from the (current) chief of the Legal Counsel Division of the Office of the Attorney General, in an informal opinion. His response should not be considered a binding or precedent-setting or in any other way cite-able opinion, but to share with you, it is that there is no legal requirement for an appointment order, but that it is consistent practice and a VERY GOOD IDEA to have one.

So there you have it. A screw up probably isn’t the end of the world, but I should probably keep paying attention to Twitter to find out when people have been appointed.


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