My predecessor, the hoarder

On this quiet work day I am making good progress at de-cluttering my office. My predecessor kept multiple copies of everything. I’m culling, keeping what is required to keep and recycling everything else. (Eight copies of a monthly report? Buh-bye.)

October 2002, monthly report. Paragraph on administrative issuances, paragraph on customer service, and a paragraph on miscellaneous, which I repeat here verbatim for your entertainment:

FOOTBALL:: Both the Redskins and Univ. of MD have rebounded from early season defeats and look poised to begin a run for the top of the heap. Go teams !! Politics :: All campaigns in the region appear to be too close to call, but Democrats are heavily favored. The weather has changed, fall is really here and its time for wool, coats, hats and anti-freeze (all kinds).”


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