I. detest. squash.

You need to know this as background to this post. I will eat a good butternut squash soup on occasion if someone serves it to me. Other than that, I avoid it like the plague. I pick out the zucchini and yellow squash from roast vegetables. I won’t eat roast winter squashes. Squash. Ew.

But I really need to stop eating spaghetti for dinner five nights a week so last Monday I decided to risk the spaghetti squash. (If it hadn’t had cooking directions on its label, I would never have had the courage.)

I ate half of it. Not as good as spaghetti with all its yummy carb goodness, but good. And much healthier. But then I had half a cooked spaghetti squash and it was not going to be as good cold.

Then inspiration struck. And now I need to buy more spaghetti squash because this was YUM.

Take your cooked spaghetti squash that has been removed from the squash skin. Toss in some salt and pepper, and maybe some garlic powder and onion powder. Add about one egg per half a squash. Maybe less if you have more squash, but one egg and half a squash worked for me. Dump in a heaping spoonful of sour cream. Stir it all up. Bake at 350 until it’s done; for me it took 35 minutes for half a squash worth.

Spaghetti squash kugel. YUM.


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