Committees, committees everywhere

I’m doing a bit of research on the history of the Department of Parks and Recreation. The other day I tweeted about the giggle I got (and my boss as well) when I discovered that Carol Burnett was a member of the DC Advisory Committee on Recreation! Really.

I write now to share one of the reasons why my head often starts swimming while doing my work. In the past 57 years (my records start in 1954), the following have existed in DC:

  • Recreation Advisory Committee*
  • Recreation Advisory Board
  • Recreation Assistance Board
  • Community Recreation Advisory Board
  • Recreation Board
  • Citizen Advisory Panel on Recreation and Parks
  • Citizen Advisory Committee on Recreation and Parks

(This is certainly not limited to committees or to DPR. I know I’m going to have fun when I start work on the many agencies that once comprised the Department of Human Services, which was once the Department of Human Resources, which is not at all the current Department of Human Resources.)

* I’m choosing to assume that the Advisory Committee on Recreation appointments  interspersed among appointments to the Recreation Advisory Committee are actually appointments to one and the same group.

2 Comments on “Committees, committees everywhere”

  1. Anne Phelps says:

    I so want to talk about this!

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