Don’t judge a book?

This evening I’m not judging books by their covers. (Though if you are a fan of romance novels, a friend of mine from college had her first book released today! And it looks like the cover very well might be an accurate basis on which to judge the book.)

I’m judging financial institutions by their websites.

My checking account, at a bank that shall remain nameless, is no longer free. This was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, and I am now looking to move to another bank, preferably one that is more in line with my local, community-supporting values.

The first financial institution whose website I looked at is a credit union. Again, it shall remain nameless, but it is the credit union I could join by virtue of my employment. According to its website, you know who could NOT join this credit union? Employees of the Board of Vocational Education. (Also, employees of the Board of Higher Education.) Neither of those entities have existed for, well, quite some time.

Not only that, but the website itself looks like it was designed sometime in 1998 and never updated.

All is not lost, though. A long-time friend who is probably procrastinating on either studying or grading (ahh, graduate school) has been looking into other credit unions I could join. And some of them even have websites that have been updated this century.


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