If you learn one technology trick today…

…it should be this.

First off, let me admit publicly that yes, I am writing this while at work. It is my fervent belief that 1. this is work-related and 2. this will make many people’s lives much better and work more efficient.

I am going to tell you, here and now, how to find reports from the Office of the Inspector General in a focused, efficient manner, rather than by scrolling through the titles on their webpage, month by month.

Go to Google. (I haven’t used a search engine other than Google in about a skillion years, so I don’t know if this would work in any other engine.) Say you’re looking for OIG reports about the Department of Parks and Recreation. For your search terms, instead of (for example) “DC parks recreation,” use “parks recreation site:oig.dc.gov” Then you can preview your results by scrolling down the right side of the text in your search results.

To summarize:

To find OIG reports, search in Google using “site:oig.dc.gov”

To find DC regulations and Mayor’s Orders, search using “site:dcregs.dc.gov”

There may be others. Keep this in mind.


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