A tale of my stupidity

I’m working on this big project organizing Mayor’s Orders by agency. This is nothing new. I’ve mentioned it time and again. As part of my “organizational” system for this project, I have computer folders that are named after agencies. Makes sense. And the computer alphabetizes the folders.

Problem #1 (also known as “stupid folder naming”): remember my complaint about the lack of consistency in naming things? Yeah. I’ve got a folder named “Department of General Services,” a folder named “Human Services,” and folders whose names are agency abbreviations. Come time to file an order relating to DHS, and I’m looking in the list for DHS, not “Human Services.” Why don’t I just fix it? Well, what would I have to complain about if I fixed it? Besides, it wouldn’t necessarily help…

Problem #2 (also known as “stupid mis-alphabetizing”): this one happens mostly between the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Mental Health (DMH). In my head, Health comes before Mental Health in alphabetical order. On the computer (and, well, everywhere), DMH comes before DOH in alphabetical order. Big deal? No. But do I feel stupid every time I look for DMH below DOH in the list? Yes.

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