More yum

It occurred to me that I was collecting pins on Pinterest and letting them languish. In the interest of my Pinterest-browsing being not a complete waste of time, I decided that each week I should do one craft/DIY that I’ve pinned and make one new recipe (with the allowance for the new recipe to come from one of my cookbooks if it uses a vegetable).

Two weeks ago I made carrot chips. They were delicious but not very chip-like. I will need to try again (I still have about a pound and a half of carrots).

Last week I made this black bean and corn “pie.” Incredibly good. Incredibly too much for one person. (Leftovers YAY!)  When I make it again next, I am going to roll the bean and corn mixture in the tortillas enchilada style, lay in a baking dish, and cover with cheese. The springform was just a disaster. And my springform is supposedly non-stick.

And today I made zucchini chips. I have never in my life liked zucchini in any form. But these are really good! Better hot then room temperature (they do cool rather quickly) but very not-zucchini-ish.

(As far as the DIYs go, I made laundry soap last week, but 1. haven’t done laundry since then, and 2. still have quite a bit of store-bought detergent, so haven’t tried it yet. I did, on the other hand, try this natural cleanser which has been working GREAT. Still haven’t done much crafting, though.)


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