Mayors are people, too

A few days ago I needed to email an agency director who I’ve never met. And I panicked.

This is, of course, foolish. In the last mayoral administration, I worked in the Wilson Building. Across the hall from the Mayor. I knew the Mayor. He was just a person. My friends thought I was the sh!t because I knew the Mayor, but I wasn’t so impressed. (I also know the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Not only am I not awed by him, I wish he were still working in the White House so I could see him. And his wife and daughter.)

You’re an agency director? More power to you; I could never have that broad a range of responsibilities AND have to supervise people AND understand my agency’s budget. But you’re still just a person.

Apparently, however, if I don’t know you, you are fear-inspiring. The email I send you must be absolutely perfect.  And thus I panic.

Can I meet you, please, so I can just shoot off a one-sentence email to you?



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