Apparently a nerve has been hit

DC has a State Board of Education. No, we’re not a state, but we have both local education functions (DCPS and each of the charter schools) and state education functions. (Many of the state education functions are defined by federal law, so it’s not like we’re just making up that we’re a “state” for education purposes.)

DC used to have a Board of Education. That board was a school board. Local functions. It was responsible for DCPS. It also did state things, and that was a problem among other problems.

DC no longer has a local Board of Education. DCPS is an executive branch agency just like, say, DDOT or DYRS or the DMV. This means that we DO NOT HAVE A SCHOOL BOARD.

Yet, even four and a half years later, people persist in calling the State Board of Education the “School Board.”

Do people call the Maryland State Board of Education the “School Board”? No. I did a Google search of “maryland school board.” (I found all of those DC references above except the first by Googling “dc school board.”) The results? First of all, nothing with the phrase “maryland school board.” A link to the state department of education (with no reference to the word “board”), links to county boards of education, one newspaper article about “Maryland school boards’…”–note the placement of the apostrophe.

A school board has direct control of a school system. The DC SBOE does not. Please stop calling it a school board.



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