Skim and three and a half splendas

Nearly every morning (otherwise known as “way too often”) I stop at the Gallery Place Dunkin Donuts for my coffee fix. Large vanilla, cream and sugar. Sometimes a large iced vanilla, cream and sugar.

(Shout out to my peeps there who know my order and always have a smile on their faces! Sorry I haven’t managed to learn all of your names yet, but one of you who makes my coffee so well doesn’t wear a nametag!)

(Also a shout out to the DD region’s PR person who tweets at @DCDunkin. He’s super good at his PR gig and awesomely friendly.)

Other people order their coffee like me: medium, milk and sugar. Small iced, black. Large hazelnut, skim and sweet and low.

One of the things I like so much about Dunkin Donuts is that I ask them for cream and sugar, they put it in, and I can live in denial about just. how. much. sugar is actually in my coffee. If I want control over my sugar, I can take from the self-serve sugar packets the exact number that I want. To the best of my knowledge, the fantastic people behind the counter? Don’t have individual packets.

So why do people order their coffee “skim and two splendas”? What does that even mean when the folks making the coffee don’t have individual packets? The other day I actually heard someone order their coffee with “two creams.” ??? (As distinguished from the woman who ordered her coffee with “double cream, double sugar,” which even I think is a little excessive.)

I find this baffling. Can someone shed some light on this for me?





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