Last week, there was a news item alerting DC government workers to major weaknesses in our office building security. It is apparently incredibly easy to smuggle fake bombs into the most populous of our buildings.

Some people are concerned.

I’m not.

Maybe I’m just naive. I wasn’t in DC (or NY) in 2001 and I certainly wasn’t in DC during 1977’s hostage situation. (I was only 3 weeks old. Forgive me for not having personal recollection of that one.) When we had the earthquake a while back, my first thought (after I realized it wasn’t the floor above having a raucous party) was “so this is what an earthquake feels like.”

I’m not completely divorced from fears of terrorism. I lived in Israel at the beginning of the second Intifada and avoided the places I was supposed to avoid (for the most part). I lost two friends in the bombing at Hebrew University.

But I can’t help wondering why a DC government building would be a target for anyone to attack. I can only assume that the gunmen in 1977 were too stupid to know what buildings to target. True, that could happen again. There continue to be many stupid people in this world. Nevertheless, you can’t protect yourself from stupid people, random occurrences, and accidents.

So I will continue to go to work free of fear for my safety. (Though if there’s a fire, I probably won’t hear the fire alarm. Eh, minor details.)



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