The Washington Post was a funny place back in 1932. I mean, I’m sure THEY didn’t think so. And I’m pretty sure that readers didn’t think so, either. But with the wisdom of the last 80 years, it’s worth a giggle or two.

The article that caught my attention while I was trying to develop a complete history of DPR by way of newspaper articles regards the playing of tennis on public courts. Apparently, many many years ago, there was a rule that people playing singles had to “double up” if additional players came. The article also mentions a rental fee, and I’m not sure how fair it is to make people who’ve paid join in with people who haven’t, but…

Unsurprisingly, tennis players did not like this policy.

You really should read the whole article (I hope I’m not violating copyright laws by posting it here), but one of my favorite bits is this:

Almost a decade of close scrutiny of public parks stragglers has shown that they are, along with most players, eminently bad doubles players.


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