You don’t really KNOW DC until…

I overheard someone on the phone this morning saying that “of COURSE” she knows the Big Chair. Of course I know the Big Chair as well. When I first got to DC, though, I had no clue. I learned about it quickly, though not by personal experience, because at my job I would have people ask me on the phone “is that by the Big Chair?” and I told them yes, though I had really no idea what this Big Chair was.

This got me thinking.

What are the “must-sees” or “must-experiences” for someone to really KNOW DC. To be a local, if not a native.

I probably haven’t seen/experienced them all myself. Please add your suggestions in the comments.


5 Comments on “You don’t really KNOW DC until…”

  1. […] P.S. Still looking for DC-local must-sees. […]

  2. Mambo sauce and Ben’s come to mind as distinctly DC, as opposed to Washington. Some personal favorites for locations are the National Arboretum and some of the quieter local cemeteries that are neighborhood fixtures, like Oak Hill, or Congressional (now home to a large dog walking group).

    The Washington Post used to have a similarly themed feature that stopped a few years ago. Here’s a good overview:

    • rebkatz says:

      Thanks for the suggestions! And for assuring me that people actually can leave comments. I think you might be the first to do so :-)

    • rebkatz says:

      Thanks for the link. A whole bunch of those aren’t in DC, and some are pretty tourist-y, but I would never have known to look. And I might just have to take a drive out to Snickersville sometime!

  3. As a fellow DC nerd, I applaud your efforts. Something else worth noting, the Adams Memorial. It’s not really a local landmark per se, but it used to garner much more attention than it does now, and it’s truly a work of art:

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