Busy busy!

I’m making a package to surprise a friend who’s having a bit of a rough time; it’s kind of time sensitive so I’m working away at it.

Last night: a bookmark made from shrink film (pics later), four paper bags for “homemade” microwave popcorn (hint: two of the speech bubble stickers in picnik can double as pictures of popcorn), the start of a framed inspirational quote (chosen from my friend’s pins on pinterest), and cutting out a pattern for a softie for her.

Tonight: a lot of frustration with the logistics of the cutting out of the quote via Silhouette.

Next: finishing the darn quote, making the softie, making some hot/cold rice bags, making a box for an assortment of tea, putting the popcorn in the bags from last night, and hopefully (all tonight!) going to a bar for a friend’s birthday. This last is the first that will go, as I’ve never even met him (yay, twitter). Plus, it’s only his 23rd birthday and I’m turning 35 in a month and a half! He’s just a baby…

Okay, back to work I go!!


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