Today’s Tidbits

(Oooh, that should be the name of a regular series here!)

(Don’t worry, I’ll get over it. Probably. Well, maybe.)

A lot happened today about which I will not comment. A lot also happened at my desk. In spare moments, or when I don’t feel like working on whatever project is all-consuming at the time, I am compiling a very ugly spreadsheet of city agencies and what they were called when.

The spreadsheet didn’t start out ugly. But as I learned more, the connections between agencies got more complicated. That mostly happened today.

When I learned the following:

  • The EMS portion of FEMS used to be part of the Department of Human Services, back when DHS was a hulking monster of an inefficient agency.
  • So was the Chief Medical Examiner.
  • The National Capital Housing Authority became part of DHCD, but the department was to be referred to as the Authority when serving in that role.
  • DOES used to be the Dept of Labor (which I knew before) and before that, the Dept of Manpower; what I didn’t realize was that the Dept of Labor only lasted two years under that name.
  • The Board for Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings is part of DCRA. It used to be part of DCRA’s predecessor agency, the Department of Licenses and Inspections. But for a time, it was part of DHCD.

More to come, as there are many holes to be filled in the spreadsheet (some as I learn more; some I know but haven’t had a chance to include yet).

I’ve made the spreadsheet view-only, but if you have additions (or more importantly, corrections), please share them.


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