Almost done!

Last night I finished the knitting on the sweater I’ve been plugging away at. Most of the ends are already woven in (thank you, pattern, for telling me to weave my ends in before knitting the button bands) so I just have four ends (2 each per button band) to weave in and four hook-and-eye closures to sew on. I should have done that today, but when have I ever done the smart thing?

Instead I started a scarf with the leftovers of the yarn from the sweater plus leftovers from another project using the same yarn in different colors.

Of course, my mom bought be lovely yarn that I intend to use for a hat-mittens-scarf combo, but that will have to wait. As will the next sweater.

I also started three (3!) paper mache type bowls, one with yarn and two with magazine pages. I used balloons as my mold, and, well, I’m not so sure that was a good idea. One of the magazine page ones was dry (I thought completely, but maybe not) so I popped the balloon. And as it deflated, so did the bowl. I could reshape it, but… not sure.

I also bought a new tube of E-6000 since I accidentally ruined my old tube, and a package of magnets, and I made more scrabble tile magnets.

I bought elastic and learned that one can melt the ends together if one doesn’t mind inhaling noxious fumes.

AND! Both Michaels and JoAnn had Dimensional Magic! I’ve looked and looked but had never found it until today. (Note: it’s a dollar less expensive at JoAnn.) So I took a washer and some scrapbook paper and some mod podge and some Dimensional Magic, and now am waiting for it to dry.

Now, if only I could stay up all night knitting instead of going to bed…



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