Please help answer a question

[UPDATED: I should have just gone to HG in the first place. The answer is DCRA.]

I just got a call at our main number to which I don’t have an answer and also don’t know where to refer the caller. Since I can’t reduce the question to 140 characters and don’t want to be the pest who always emails HG for assistance, I’m summarizing it here. Any feedback you have is welcome.

Property is a carriage house in the back of another house. Address used to be nnnnR __ St. (the “n”s stand for numbers). At some point, the address was changed to a different number with the street name of the alley that the property backs on to. The caller does not know who changed the address but does know that the change did not occur at the time that the alley was given its name. The caller would like to change the address back and wants to know if this is permissible (and, I suppose, how to do it).

My thoughts on this are as follows:

1. It could be the post office that changed the address.

2. Because it’s an old property, it might be within the jurisdiction of the Office of Planning (Historic Preservation).

3. Maybe it has to do with Zoning?

4. It could always be DCRA; DCRA does practically everything.

5. It’s probably a logistical nightmare to change the address, even if it is permissible. (Think of all those GPS systems! And whatever system the fire department uses to find houses!)

Guidance, please?


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