Hi, I’m stupid about google docs

I have in my head an idea and I’m not sure how to implement it. (Or to describe it in anything resembling a coherent manner, but I’m going to try.)

I know that if I were to use Scribd, I could upload skillions of documents (if I wanted to upload that many), and they would be completely findable by a google search. They can be put into collections (folders) but not nestable collections, and people looking at my documents can see the collections on my “shelf.”

I also know that I can upload skillions of documents into google docs and make them public for viewing. They can be put into nestable collections, with each document able to be in multiple collections. Theoretically, they are findable by a google search, but in my attempt at experimenting, I haven’t been successful at retrieving a specific document that I know exists and is public.  BUT. If I’m the one who has uploaded the skillion documents to my account, I can see the list of them and the collections that they are in, limit by collection, etc. Is there a way for the general public to see that list comparable to the way someone can view another person’s “shelf” in Scribd?

Alternatively, is there an option that I don’t know about that combines the features I like about Scribd with the features I like about google docs?


One Comment on “Hi, I’m stupid about google docs”

  1. Greg says:

    I’ve always been unclear on how, exactly, google docs are ‘findable on the web’ if not through the url itself.

    But i guess that makes me wonder, couldnt you take the url of each of your public google docs and create a hyperlinked list on your own website? Its not as nifty as a shelf on scribd, and it wouldneed to be manual, but it does keep it all in your site and you can format it etc.

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