Not too far from where I live, there is a business called Community Forklift. I think it’s comparable to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, though I’ve never been to one of those.

(First, a little bit of advice, if you live near me and go to Community Forklift, which you really should do: it’s a warehouse. A real one, not like Costco is a warehouse. That is, it’s not climate controlled. So make sure that you have gloves with you if you go in the winter. Lesson learned.)

Now, I ended up spending less than $12 on this trip because they didn’t have much of what I  was specifically looking for. That happens when you take a list to a thrift store! I also exercised restraint; when I saw cool things that weren’t on my list, I made a mental note that they could be found there, and didn’t snatch them up just because I could think of something I might someday want to do with them.

So I got some big-ish washers to make necklaces, and some itty-bitty nuts (due to a lack of itty-bitty washers) for magnet packaging. (Dumped in a bag, $1 for the whole thing.) And I got some tiles for coasters (16 cents at Home Depot; 8 cents at CF but they were on half-off sale so 4 cents), 12 of them, and another 6 octagonal coasters (a whopping 12 cents each–half-off of 25 cents). My main goal was to get wooden crates. They didn’t have any, but they did have milk crates for $2, and I was sure that there would be a tutorial somewhere online to make fabric covers for them, so I bought 6. (It turns out that there may be only two such tutorials online. Crazy, huh?)

And then they gave me 30% off my total. They probably weren’t supposed to take the discount off of the already-discounted tiles, but what did it save me? Another 4 cents? (No, I didn’t do the math.)

And if that wasn’t enough?

OLD-SCHOOL SEWING MACHINES. Ranging price from $25 to $135. In beautiful wooden table/cabinet things. I know nothing about old-school sewing machines so I didn’t break down and buy one…but I’ll be back. Maybe they’ll get a floor loom in… hmm…


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