Why doesn’t everyone know what I know?

All week I have had to deal with Stupid People. I think it’s mostly that I have low annoyance threshold, so once I tipped over into the annoyed category early Tuesday morning, I never had a chance to get un-annoyed before more little things happened to keep me annoyed.

I have to be somewhat circumspect, as every person who has annoyed me this week has been a colleague of some sort working in the District government. But people not knowing the following (I  thought fairly self-evident) things that I know have made me feel hassled non-stop for the last four days:

1. Email. Of course I know your email address; it’s your firstname.lastname@dc.gov. Or I can just type your name in the “to” box. You’ve worked in the government long enough to know this.

2. Phone. I knew who you were when I picked up the phone because the caller ID said it was you. No, I didn’t recognize your voice; you hadn’t said anything yet.

3. Tab stops. Okay, I get it  that not everyone knows how to set up tab stops in their documents. This complaint isn’t actually about tab stops, though I would love to create a PSA about them. (Not really.) But how do you get to be a professional adult in the 21st century without realizing that Word will format your numbers for you? I don’t really appreciate that I have to go through your document and line by line delete your incorrect formatting instead of being able to make a quick setting fix.

4. Another phone. Yes, there are six lines on our phones; three for the main line and three for our direct number. You don’t need to select one before you pick up the phone. Want to call from your direct line? Pick up the receiver. Want to call from the main number? Why? Main number is ringing? Pick up the receiver. (Main number is ringing and you want to make a call? You need to select your line first.) Someone is on hold for you? It’s the line with the phone icon next to it. And by the way only one line is being used.

I know I’m incredibly picky. But these things seem self-evident to me. So why don’t people know them?




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