Not an auspicious start

On Friday I mentioned that last week was “one of those weeks.” I hoped that this week would be better, especially on the productivity front, as I’m having people over next Sunday and my apartment is a disaster. Unfortunately, it’s not starting out too well, and as my weeks start, so they generally continue.

I woke up bright and early and ready to face the day, only to discover as soon as I was vertical that I had a headache. I had only two advil in my medicine cabinet and promptly dropped one of them down the drain. (Oops!) I ran an errand which unfortunately was less than successful, but not a problem. Now I’m home and have many things I want to do*, but mostly I want to take a nap. Plus there is still furniture in my foyer.

Let’s hope the day and week turn around.


*They are:

  • finish sewing milk crate covers
  • make magnets with the mah-jongg tiles I bought on my unsuccessful errand
  • knit, knit, and knit
  • wash dishes (I don’t really want to wash dishes, but it needs to be done)
  • find things in my house to repurpose as hooks

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