1. I’m playing around with the blog’s appearance. Again. At the moment, however, I seem to have chosen a wordpress template that doesn’t allow me to use my regular header image. Which isn’t a problem since I have somehow LOST the file with my header image. (Not an irremediable problem) (Apparently “irremediable” is an actual word. I thought I was making it up.)

2. At work I have a fish, a betta named Dagwood (Woody, for short). Sometimes I call him Mighty Nose because he goes straight for the food when I feed him. Poor guy’s bowl is pretty small so I was going to get him a bigger one yesterday. I forgot. I’m watching him swim very short laps at the moment.*

3. I had a new idea for what to do with the wood frame I made yesterday. I may still do what I originally intended (based loosely on this), but will also do this for my mail. (I need to re-do my apartment’s entrance, getting rid of the bulky shelves that currently are the dumping ground for mail.)

4. And then I had yet another idea for the wood frame. Well, more than one of them. I could use them as shelf brackets. Only instead of going under the shelf to support it, the shelf would rest inside. Oh how I wish I could draw this to show you. This will require much careful measuring and using of levels, so I may need to hire someone I can blame if it goes wrong. Or learn how to use a level. And measure carefully.

5. I just ordered myself a new crockpot for solely vegetarian dishes. Do you have favorite veggie crockpot recipes? Please share.


*No, I’m not blogging while at work. I would never do that. I promise. Why do you think I am?


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