More scraps

1. I just published another Operation Just Because project. Check it out, and please forgive the terrible photo.

2. I’m having a friend over in less than an hour to share the misery of finishing some projects. I have some buttons and some ends, and maybe she’ll help me figure out how to take down the light fixture in my bedroom that needs desperately to be cleaned.

3. I vacuumed for my friend.

4. I did no other cleaning.

5. I’ve never actually met this woman, so you’d think I might care a bit more about first impressions.

6. Last night I made a set of magnets for my sister. You know the super-strong magnets? I bought some and they come in packs of four. So when I bought the decorative part of the magnets (mah-jongg tiles), I bought four. But the magnets are SO super-strong that in the package I opened last night, there were two stuck together. So there actually were five magnets! Sis is still getting only four; I’ll use the fifth with the last package of magnets. (How to make: attach magnet to back of game tile with E-6000 glue. Let dry. Done.)

7. I have decided I want to make this quilt.

8. I’m not letting myself until I do things to use some of my already-owned craft materials.

9. I updated my 35 by 35 list with more things I’ve completed. Since my birthday is in 12 days and there still aren’t 35 things on each of the two lists, let’s just call it an unsuccessful venture. I’ve been contemplating 36 by 36, but have been having trouble giving the project focus. Any ideas?


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